Refreshing outdoor fitness experiences to fully connect with nature

100+ outdoor fitness classes on 20+ different locations in The Netherlands. Easily find and book classes online.

Outdoor Fitness

Did you know that practicing fitness in the great outdoors adds an extra dimension to your training? Imagine.. listening to the beautiful chirps of birds, having the wind cooling down your face and body and maybe even catching a ray of sunlight... and this while giving it your all!

On you will find a comprehensive overview of outdoor fitness classes in various (exciting) outdoor locations. Special locations as beaches, parks, nature reserves, and many more. You can easily find and book classes that best suit your needs and preferences.

On tour with Outdoor-Fitness

Take your fitness shoes on tour this summer and discover beautiful outdoor fitness locations across the country! Here are just some of the reasons why you should take yourself outdoors!

  • Experience the perfect combination of fitness and nature
  • Explore new and exciting places within the Netherlands
  • Meet and have fun with plenty of like-minded people
  • Connect to nature and yourself

Note: Single classes are always on offer